Sunday, March 20, 2011

Read The Sound and the Fury is taking me a very long time.
It's quite difficult to comprehend.
One moment's he's Benjy, the next he's Benjamin, and it ends with him being Maury. What?

Also, I don't know why Quentin's talking about incest and why the Father gave him a pistol.

Finally, what does it mean when Benjy says 'he can't stop' but he isn't crying?

Anyhow, memorable quote:

“When Father gave it to me he said, Quentin, I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire; it's rather excrutiatingly apt that you will use it to gain the reducto absurdum of all human experience which can fit your individual needs no better than it fitted his or his father's. I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it. Because no battle is ever won he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools.”
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Thank you, my sentiments exactly.

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My sentiments exactly.

Or not.

Posting again because the last post was horrid.
Not up to my usual standards.

Maybe I'll just run away to read.
The Sound and the Fury is coming along pretty well.
I don't feel like talking today, that's why I'm listening
and writing (this).

It's been a long time since I wrote a story, I think I will,
one that denotes meaning. After reading As I Lay Dying
and getting into Faulkner's writing, I've discovered that
I want to write like that too, trick people with flowery


I must honestly say that I was not born a good person.
Experiences that I've been through led me to being a
good person. I have never been in other's minds before
but I know I'm one that thinks a lot. I'm always thinking...
and I know that the ideas that I think about are big factors
that make me the person I am today.

I do want to be good.

The question above is something that has to be considered

Maybe it's just your general society? I don't know.
Or maybe it's just the way you act and people peg you as

I don't really want to think about this right now.

I don't want to exercise my mind greatly, that's why I'm listening
and writing (this).

Bye, everyone.