Saturday, January 1, 2011

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Hi readers,

Didn't have such a good first day today.
AND to top it off I come on my beautiful blog to realize that the image I attached for the last day of 2010 has... disappeared. / OKAY I know this will be very confusing but I just switched tabs and realized that the picture was there, just hadn't loaded just now, and I had already deleted it from the post and the backup so I had to save it and re-upload it and now everything's fine. Wish I didn't have to go to all that trouble but at least it's fixed.

I want to talk about my mixpod, which I love. The first song on the track now is "Take it like a man" and I'm surprisingly in love with it, it's such an eccentric song, but reminds me of classical music (well, it should) if you get what I mean... allegro vivace, allegro, moderato... is this making sense?

Then, the next track is currently one of my favourite songs. It's just lovely, so sweet and wonderful. :) The third one (still from Wakey!Wakey!) is just an all round fun, boppy song that I know you guys will like.

BTW I don't watch one tree hill, I know this band because my friend introduced it to me, and then I found it again! So hurray for that, hope you guys like it! The singer's Mike Grubbs, by the way, go check out his website which is really nice!

Speaking of 'website' and 'really nice' I'm going to go read