Friday, August 24, 2012


Dang, this mix is slick. This is my second time listening to it and it is still groovy.

Speaking of slick and groovy, I just finished the first 2 seasons of The Mentalist and Simon Baker knows how to work a crowd. And Patrick Jane is definitely the modern Sherlock. Got lots of new mind games up my sleeve. I'll use them carefully...

Holding on to Black Metal by My Morning Jacket,  Everything Moves by Bronze Radio Return, When They Fight, They Fight by the Generationals and Everyone Knows by Vacation are the highlights of the mix.

Well, school starts again soon. You know what this means. Less posts. But, I will be seizing Cloud Atlas ASAP from the library so quotes will be up for that too.

By the way, I read quite recently We The Living by Ayn Rand, so I've completed all her fiction works. Did not really enjoy it... Atlas Shrugged was better written. By far.