Friday, December 31, 2010

Mes amis, happy new year!

Spent the day practicing violin, going on the computer, working
on my dsbg, knitting, and will read and write in diary soon.

2010 taught me a lot.

It was the year I grew up mentally, the year my whole life changed.
The year I stopped falling in love with guys and started falling
deeper in love with others things -- writing (that includes blogging),
flowers, the ocean, the sky, reading (in both languages) and nature.
The year I fell in love with polaroids, skirts, shoes and basketball,
indie pop, rock, and other types of music. The year I when I, towards
the end, started taking violin more seriously than before. It was a year
where a lot of things happened, and I shall not forget them. I had
wonderful memories -- making new friends, learning who my true
friends were. I had no so good memories as well. It's been a tough
year, and I think my toughest yet.

But you know, life goes on, and I'm going to keep moving forward.
There are memories that we all want to hold on to, but we've got to
keep walking, because life goes on. So, to all readers out there, let's
embark on our newest adventure: the year 2011, for there we shall
discover many different wonders.

Well, this is the final post of 2010! Not my best, but decent, I suppose.

Happy new year, readers!

I hope that in 2011, everything will be alright.

However, now that I think of it...
I think I may be perfectly happy happy.
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To put it simply, I was wondering how to spend the last day of 2010. I will admit that I don't want it to end --it wasn't really a good year but I'm afraid of the idea of starting a new year. I'm determined to get off on the right foot. I need to start 2011 right, and that's what makes me so nervous. If I don't spent January 1st, 2011 the way that would make me content and satisfied, I'd be in a bad mood. And I really don't want that to happen with 2011. I'm just nervous... nervous of completely beginning something new, when I am still hanging on to old memories.

Another thing is, I'm determined to end 2010 right, something I didn't really think about it, and now it's time. To me, an accomplished day is basically...
1. Violin practiced
2. Books read
3. Work worked on
4. Knitted
5. Don't spend the whole day on the computer


And for me, an accomplished day is a good day. Funny how that works for me, I need accomplishment in my life; just happiness isn't enough. Well everyone's different, hmm?

Okay I'll blog more later when we're not in the 'am's'.


Your Blogger (Haha I never ever do that)