Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Well hi, everyone, it's your blogger and she's in
a bad mood right now. However, coming on this
blog always brightens my mood when I see all
the lovely things people have written in my cbox,
so yay for that!

I have to do Chinese homework right now, boo-hoo.
Does anyone know what benefits come with diseases?
Well okay, so there are ones that go for the old people
and finish them off (I'm so mean) and apparently
according to my teacher that's supposed to benefit
the society because old people don't do anything.
And also diseases that spread largely help boost the
government's power or something but that sucks because
the African government are not committed to getting
rid of Yellow Fever in Africa and yep that's my
chosen disease which doesn't go for old people.

Christmas holidays in a week, that's my only
salve right now, my respite. Going to spend the
Christmas knitting, working, reading, playing the
violin and of course, blogging.

See you readers!