Saturday, January 29, 2011

I ditched violin and came to the computer to pointlessly browse around facebook at usual.
I decided I would quit zipping up and down the home page looking at peoples' conversations and come to my blog instead which is quite blatantly my 'digital sanctuary'.
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I was talking to my mom earlier and had the strange feeling that my eyes weren't open wide enough. Those of you who know that I am in fact, Asian, I am not making a stereotypical joke. I'm being very honest.
I thought to myself it was probably because I had an overlapping eyelid from lack of sleep (I don't even know if that makes sense to you but it does to me so I'm cool with the phrase 'overlapping eyelid'), but then later came up with a theory that maybe it was because there was so much more of the world that I was missing, and not seeing. Once I saw something that was beautiful, something really beautiful, my eyes would open more and I would really be seeing. Don't know how that's going to happen though.
I've realized that the three bands I'm currently very into all have animals in their names.
Band of horses
Noah and the whale
Haha, funny how that happens!
Thus, I decided to draw those three animals in my artbook. Struggling with the horse. I want to sketch a nice cuddly pony with a gorgeous blond mane swept over the front nose and face, but I haven't got the skills, sadly.
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I have had a change of attitude regarding basketball.
Instead of sulking about 'not being good enough' I'm going to go shoot hoops every day of the holiday, starting from tomorrow. This, my friends, is good attitude and an admirable trait I've found in myself.
Sort of still sulking right now and have been eating comfort food (homemade cookies, yum) all day but I will accomplish what I've planned and I will be proud of myself, just like how I was proud for showing up and giving it my all.
Bye guys, dinner time!
I need an 'it's okay' song.
Going to go through my songs to find it.
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The world's like a science and I'm like a secret.

Going to practice basketball during this holiday week!
We played a game today, and our whole team was pretty good but I really
want to improve, especially on defense and shooting.
Nothing left to write on the matter, except for what I'm thinking.

After lunch I'll jam to BOH while doing art homework.