Sunday, May 29, 2011

I really like Ayn Rand...
Had a flip through Anthem earlier and her writing is just so bold and free, I love it.
I was wondering yesterday why hospital fees were so expensive...
the thought just occurred to me.
The basic human needs are to be healthy and happy, aren't they?
Thus, to enter a hospital or center for subsisting one's health to remain healthy shouldn't cost that much at all, shouldn't it? And to procure food to feed oneself to maintain one's health of digestion shouldn't cost much at all, either, shouldn't it?
Why do celebrities get paid millions for just one photo shoot, to have a picture of their face plastered up on some 5 story tall billboard, whilst the farmers who produce food for people so that we can maintain the basic human need get paid so little?
If everything cost less, wouldn't the economy be a lot easier ? Let's say it costs a hundred to purchase a pack of cheese because some of that money goes to the shipping fee, some goes to the company, some goes to another company that assisted in the producing, some goes to the store that sold it, and some goes to the company that helps manufacture the paper wrapping, some goes to the farmer that milked the cow -- would that be the reason for it's heavy expense? And then the company that helps manufacture the paper wrapping would have to give a share away for those who helped them provide the paper for the wrapping -- the farmer would end up getting the least when he began the entire process...
Imagine the trouble it took to procure the grain of rice you eat.
It would be a whole lot easier to just cut down the prices for everything, wouldn't it?
There are probably a bucket of economical and political factors involved that cannot allow this to happen but I'm merely speaking from a the perspective of one who doesn't understand this all very well.
Just wanted to raise the question of it all...
At a book store today I saw a lot of books with all similar titles: "How to be happy."
Had a flip through them, and I think that the real way to find happiness is to find yourself.
Little activities like doodling, flying a kite, going to the beach -- they might not work for everyone.
You have to find yourself, to know what it is that you want to make you happy, the basic human need...

Glad I got all that out.