Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas night, it clutched the light, the hallow bright


Tumblr_lukzi4uhed1r4d4e5o1_500_largeFirstly, I'd like to wish all my readers a very convival Christmas!

For me, the first few tender minutes of Christmas were spent in front of the TV, watching Star Wars, so I can't think of any way I'd rather have it.

Tumblr_lt3rt98gei1r1qkgio1_500_largeNaturally, I woke up very late today, so didn't experience the 'Christmas morning' feeling. But that's alright. Read the next letter from Oscar et la dame Rose, which coincidentally was written on Christmas Day! Had The Christmas Song on repeat; must have replayed it 37 times now since I discovered its existence.

Also listened to the full, free stream of the We Bought A Zoo Soundtrack. Had the loveliest surprise when I realized that it was composed by the one and only Jónsi of Sigur Rós!

Listened to Holocene on headphones in HMV and that was sublime as well... sort of a perfect Christmas song, in a way.

1191572-11-1321042272814_largeWe also built a lovey gingerbread house. Or, should I say, hut. Heated up a vat of chocolate for glue (yum) which proved to taste delectable although
not so ergonomically efficient. ended up snapping 3 of the 6 components required to build the house so had to work some modifications into it -- used corn starch and powdered sugar with water to create a substitute motar (but that didn't work either). Ended up sticking M&M's all over it. Sister wasn't too pleased but my brother was! All in all, a profitable experience.

Don't really have a Christmas tree this year, more like two Christmas bushes. Small ones from IKEA... one a dark forest green and another that's lime and lighter. Draped lights over one of them and all around scattered shining bright globes of light. Real lovely. Between those two bushes, we've got a profuse poinsettia that sits on a rack. All in all, a nice arrangement.

Then of course we have got our presents scattered underneath the poinsettia. 

Most of our presents this year are food, so our stomachs are happily filling up. Received our first box of macaroons ever and they turn out to be not as overrated as I assumed. Will grow plump this Christmas but it's alright, everything's enjoyable. Thankful for this holiday! Will be sad to say goodbye to my Santa hat until next year, but I had a lovely time. Merry Christmas all!