Friday, December 31, 2010

Mes amis, happy new year!

Spent the day practicing violin, going on the computer, working
on my dsbg, knitting, and will read and write in diary soon.

2010 taught me a lot.

It was the year I grew up mentally, the year my whole life changed.
The year I stopped falling in love with guys and started falling
deeper in love with others things -- writing (that includes blogging),
flowers, the ocean, the sky, reading (in both languages) and nature.
The year I fell in love with polaroids, skirts, shoes and basketball,
indie pop, rock, and other types of music. The year I when I, towards
the end, started taking violin more seriously than before. It was a year
where a lot of things happened, and I shall not forget them. I had
wonderful memories -- making new friends, learning who my true
friends were. I had no so good memories as well. It's been a tough
year, and I think my toughest yet.

But you know, life goes on, and I'm going to keep moving forward.
There are memories that we all want to hold on to, but we've got to
keep walking, because life goes on. So, to all readers out there, let's
embark on our newest adventure: the year 2011, for there we shall
discover many different wonders.

Well, this is the final post of 2010! Not my best, but decent, I suppose.

Happy new year, readers!

I hope that in 2011, everything will be alright.

However, now that I think of it...
I think I may be perfectly happy happy.
Page Graphics

To put it simply, I was wondering how to spend the last day of 2010. I will admit that I don't want it to end --it wasn't really a good year but I'm afraid of the idea of starting a new year. I'm determined to get off on the right foot. I need to start 2011 right, and that's what makes me so nervous. If I don't spent January 1st, 2011 the way that would make me content and satisfied, I'd be in a bad mood. And I really don't want that to happen with 2011. I'm just nervous... nervous of completely beginning something new, when I am still hanging on to old memories.

Another thing is, I'm determined to end 2010 right, something I didn't really think about it, and now it's time. To me, an accomplished day is basically...
1. Violin practiced
2. Books read
3. Work worked on
4. Knitted
5. Don't spend the whole day on the computer


And for me, an accomplished day is a good day. Funny how that works for me, I need accomplishment in my life; just happiness isn't enough. Well everyone's different, hmm?

Okay I'll blog more later when we're not in the 'am's'.


Your Blogger (Haha I never ever do that)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Page Graphics
Realized I was practically sitting around doing nothing on the computer so I'll take the time to type up my LOTR quotes I have so far!

"Now almost it seemed as if their glances were like blades from eye to eye, flickering as they fenced."
-- Pippin's thoughts on Gandalf and Denethor's battle of wills, p.93.

"Stir not the bitterness in the cup that I mixed for myself."
-- Faramir, p.93

"If I had! If you had! he said. 'Such words and ifs are in vain.'"
-- Denethor, p.93 

"He can afford to lose a host better than we to lose a company."
-- Faramir, p.96

"'But what?' said Gandalf. 'Only one but will I allow tonight."
-- Gandalf, p.95

"Let us remember that a traitor may betray himself and do good that he does not intend."
-- Gandalf, p.95

"'There was never much hope,' he answered. 'Just a fool's hope, as I have been told."
-- Gandalf on Frodo's quest, p.94

I love the first, second last, and last the most!
Denethor's is pretty good too!

Listening to Take That now! I'm really into it, I thought it was indie rock/pop or something but it turns out to be just pop, well I'm fine with that; the lyrics are great, and I love the techno feel - might be techno pop. It's an old band, but I love it.

Just a snippet of lyric from SOS:

We'll get a five minute warning for divine intervention
With the satellites falling prepare for ascension
Under mind control
We'll be practising our politics
Defending all our policies
Preparing for apocalypse

Monday, December 27, 2010

And Take That...
Olly murs is awesome btw, I'm going to update mixpod soon.
Biking in Shatin today, exercise is great.
Now my butt hurts and my arm is sore but still,
exercise is great.
Almost 2011, I have to get mentally prepared and write.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a convival Christmas everybody! I remember that last year, I said the same thing, because after reading
TLOTR (decided to use a longer acronym) I learned that convival was another word for merry! So there, that's wonderful. On the left arranged neatly (hopefully they remain neat after I publish the post) are a couple of Christmas graphics I've happily retrieved from the websites you will discover once you click them. Whew, long sentence there.

Well, I did say I'd give an apt description of our Christmas tree! I think it's quite gorgeous, being real and all, you can smell the pine radiating of the branches and thin leaves jutting out. It's not too tall in length, probably only a meter and something. Sadly all our old decorations got thrown out, so we went and bought new ones. Here's the list of baubles and things currently hanging on the tree: 4 red shiny baubles, 4 silver shiny baubles, 4 fake looking glittery snowflakes (sorry for the bubble burst), 2 plump snowmen holding candy canes as staffs and hanging by their plastic black top hats, 2 cute round white bears carrying parcels or something, 1 really pretty golden plated dolphin that sparkles, 1 red and gold star (made out of paper, it's not on the top of the christmas tree, sadly), 1 Rudolph (FINALLY), and lastly 1 wreath with 3 bells on it that don't jingle, on the top of the tree.

Bought my family a Christmas breakfast you know, and none of them are eating it.

Christmas spirits are somewhat drooping... going to call two of my best friends later for merry christmas! One's sleeping, one's... sleeping too probably! Lucky I've got my Jack Johnson with me! :)

Ohkay, that's it for today!

Have a very convival Christmas everybody!

I wish I could write to fill the bottom of the page, so the text is level with the graphics. So, I will continue writing! Going to go read TLOTR later! And eat lunch! Yay, yum.

As you can see I've run out of things to write (NO WAY) so am inserting bunches of blanks everywhere and blabbing and sort of repeating myself... hehe. Having a seafood Sai Kung dinner later! I don't really like seafood but I appreciate it very much.

Have a very convival Christmas everybody (told you I was repeating myself)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back from Walking with Dinosaurs! Pictures will be uploaded later.
It was quite impressive honestly, with the dinos being robots and all.
The smaller rapters were 'powered' by humans, thats why they ran
faster, but it still went well! The T-Rex part was EPIC, definitely my
favourite, although I overheard the engineer saying it wasn't his favourite
part. It's so awesome how they control the robots, like manuevering
joysticks, in a sense! Their arm fits into this metal grip, and they can
easily grab the joystick and move it around.
Bumped into old teacher! Oh deja vu! Good seeing her again though,
although only for a second.
Okay, bye for now!
Christmas tree is no longer naked but I don't feel like describing it now,
I will though! (Good to write).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've got a song that's halfway there
I think it needs the ocean air
I'm gonna grab my guitar
And get in my car

Oh, i need some understanding
I need a little love
Gonna speed down to the oceanside
In a race with the stars above

Really getting into Mae!
We may stand, if only on one leg, or at least be left still upon our knees.
Hope and memory shall live in some hidden valley where the grass is green.
So , so beautiful... please watch and listen to the video.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is a great war long-planned, and we are but one piece in it, whatever pride may say."

Quote says a lot.
Photography Graphics
Hi readers.
1) Foot condition getting worse. Not really my foot -- it's that lower quartile space between my knee and ankle. So above my ankle, I guess. The pain...
2) Going up to school later to pick up two major items that will assist me in completing homework and I can't believe I left it.
3) Going to read Lord of the Rings! Yippee.
4) The Jonas Brothers are amazing, just watched Camp Rock 2 and I love them more than ever, if that's even possible.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogging on the laptop! Something I quite like to do, I've discovered.
I'm here to tell you about our brilliant deal for a gorgeous Christmas tree and genius, ergonomical pot. Well, technically, it's not a pot. Basically you could call it a little tray with a round, jutting center that fits the trunk of the tree and there are screws on four sides of the center that can screw the container tighter, so the tree fits quite snugly. Nice. AND it's made in the USA and free. Wonderful. Excuse me for the mediocre description above! The tree's currently 'naked,' when it's all dressed up I think I'll upload a photo AND an in depth, colorful, beautifully crafted description of it. Christmas isn't complete without a tree!

I supposed it's fit to mention that I lugged it all the way home, from IKEA (in Causeway) to the bus 25 stop, and then stationed it in front of my seat all the way home on the bus ride. Crowded and busy mobs of people finally stepped aside to let me and my gigantic tree pass through.

I was stared at.

But yes, they parted like the great sea split at Moses' command. Just kidding, not that epic.

Now everyone's quite excited about the tree! Mom, especially. :) That's nice.

Just went to help out with finding the ornaments. My foot collided with the bed and after yelping out in pain I am now typing with one hand while pressing the icepack against my skin with the other.

Photography Graphics
Reading LOR 3, finally! Thought I'd accomplish it before 2010 ends. The copy I own was once my dad's -- it's still in wonderful condition, though. Apart from the fact that the spine of the book is slightly frayed and bent (and will worsen as I read on) due to the ever constant opening of the book, the pages are cut nicely, and not bent. Looking forward to finishing it! Someday, when I grow old, I'll read all three books again. Yay! :) Don't know if you readers recall, but while I was reading The Two Towers I would occasionally post quotes up? Well, look through my archives, you'll find them. Yep, planning to do that with this book as well!

"The dark world was rushing by and the wind sang loudly in his ears. He could see nothing but the wheeling stars, and away to his right vast shadows against the sky where the mountains of the South marched past."
'Wheeling stars'... lovely words.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photography Graphics, Photography Graphics for Myspace
Look what I found! :) It's lovely isn't it? Well, today was a great start for the Christmas Holidays! Going to get loads of work done over these two and a half weeks! Planning to read like crazy and write, write, write. Almost the end of year 2010 and I feel like I'm not ready for it... well we know my solution to this, don't we? Write, write, write all my feelings out. Then I'll be fine. My ultimate respite. Anyhow, I think I'll go now! Had loads of fun today and Sabrina's place! When I get my new camera, I'm going to take nice pictures that I can upload and talk about! Goodnight now!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I loved Harry Potter 7 part 1! Thought it was well produced and planned. Admittedly, several parts were altered but in the end I'm sure it'll all work out! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Going to go watch Harry Potter...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best news of the day.

2) Brighten
3) The Narrative

I'm more than content.
Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography

So yep, spent pretty much my whole afternoon checking out bands.
Re-discovered The Narrative, but really got into them this time and they
are just sensational. English and communication major combination plus drums?
Yes. You know what this means don't you... mixpod update soon! Haha! :)
With the old ones too. Getting into this indie/alternative music!
Anyhow, here are some great lyrics from Jack's Mannequin's
Last Straw, AZ.
They really are beautiful... especially the chorus.

I heard that you went out last night
And you looked beautiful just like a bat
Beneath the moonlight
I stayed home took a Vicodin...
Sometimes it's all that I can do
When I think about the president
How did he become the president?
And I stayed awake for a day or two
I thought about the world
Drank gin and watched the news
And there are some things I'll never understand
Why the country needs a God
And a woman needs a man

And you never write me letters
And you never sent my sweaters
So I could stay warm when I was without you
Without you I don't sleep
Just dream...

And I scratch these words into a black notebook
I wrote your name on top I knew you'd never look
I tried my best to fight the atmosphere
To think the happy thoughts
That leave the phone lines clear
I see Arizona stars from here
But Peter Pan is miles away 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography
Well hi, everyone, it's your blogger and she's in
a bad mood right now. However, coming on this
blog always brightens my mood when I see all
the lovely things people have written in my cbox,
so yay for that!

I have to do Chinese homework right now, boo-hoo.
Does anyone know what benefits come with diseases?
Well okay, so there are ones that go for the old people
and finish them off (I'm so mean) and apparently
according to my teacher that's supposed to benefit
the society because old people don't do anything.
And also diseases that spread largely help boost the
government's power or something but that sucks because
the African government are not committed to getting
rid of Yellow Fever in Africa and yep that's my
chosen disease which doesn't go for old people.

Christmas holidays in a week, that's my only
salve right now, my respite. Going to spend the
Christmas knitting, working, reading, playing the
violin and of course, blogging.

See you readers!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Page Graphics
Just came back from Cyberport, which is where I went to pick up my little sister from Narnia.
So, just before leaving the house I had drank 2 mugs of water, and another mug of ginger tea.
Thus, due to my fully hydrated lungs the liquid slowly started flowing down my intestines and
stomach area until it reached my bladder and I think that we were somewhere stuck in Happy
Valley traffic when I suddenly had to go. Yep. I also happened to me carsick and nauseous from
knitting in a moving vehicle so felt like puking as well.

When we arrived I speed-walked to the ladies' room only to find it crammed with mommies and
babies and the bitty margin of territory named 'the toilet' suddenly appears more suitable named
'the baby zoo'. Remember I was very urgent.

At this point two little boys wearing Thomas the Tank Engine shirts hobbled out of the furthest
stall and started tugging on the rope hanging on the baby bed thing installed in most loos.

I was not amused.

Anyway, good news is HARRY POTTER ON THURSDAY!
Unbelievably hyped. Best books ever.
Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography
Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography
Discovered three wonderful bands.
1) Deas Vail
2) Lost Ocean
3) Edison Glass
Once I find my top picks, I'll have them uploaded onto mixpod.
Typing this on IE because colour doesn't work on GC. Then ended
up not adding colours. D:
Okay then I just had to return to GC because pictures cannot
be copy/pasted on IE. Silly.
After I finish my music reflection I'll be returning to blogger to
find the source of these abstruseness, plus update mixpod and figure
out how to add titles to my posts.
Time is fiction.
Word of the day.


hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories.
Obsolete . secret; hidden.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Page Graphics, Tumblr Graphics
Back from basketball and drained. Thought I'd
attach a lovely photo! So, I've decided that during
Christmas break I'll go to the basketball court
opposite where I live and practice every single day.
Honestly, if I don't I won't see myself getting anywhere.
It won't work.
I want to go on one of those wonderful graphic
collection sprees but have got homework to do!
I was going to say something but can't remember now.
I do remember it was rather important (to me at least).
Reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Something
I've wanted to read for a long time. It's one of those literature
books that are kind of boring but I want to have a look through
Okay I remember what was oh so important to me:
Two things I have to go beg for.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Found an old post that was a draft I never published. Went something like this:
Favourite song:
Favourite colour:
Favourite (I forgot oh dear):
I was tempted to answer but feared invading memories so terrified, closed the tab and left it alone.
Can't stop writing.
Like I said, on a roll.
My, how I've grown!
My writing too, but not so much I guess.
Better now, maybe. My posts used to be
scattered, now they're sort of formal if
you think about it. I do miss having colourful
But then again there are too many things to miss.
OH MY GOSH I just made the ultimate discovery -- colour font only works on IE when I publish, not GC! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(
Can't seem to stop writing.
Looks like this blog's been going on for over a year now!
Look at my old December posts!
Wow, I colorful and full of life!
And poetic too, haha. Blogged about something that wasn't
worth blogging about and now reading back on it makes
me want to slam my fist down on the table in seething anger.
Just kidding.

Want to go back to doing this, it's lovely! ♥
Realized that my lovely blog does not really indicate the separations of posts clearly, as they all fall under one heading. The pictures indicate the dividing, though! So watch out for those. And the posts on top are most recent. So start reading from the bottom.

Um, not sure if I like the sound of that.