Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best news of the day.

2) Brighten
3) The Narrative

I'm more than content.
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So yep, spent pretty much my whole afternoon checking out bands.
Re-discovered The Narrative, but really got into them this time and they
are just sensational. English and communication major combination plus drums?
Yes. You know what this means don't you... mixpod update soon! Haha! :)
With the old ones too. Getting into this indie/alternative music!
Anyhow, here are some great lyrics from Jack's Mannequin's
Last Straw, AZ.
They really are beautiful... especially the chorus.

I heard that you went out last night
And you looked beautiful just like a bat
Beneath the moonlight
I stayed home took a Vicodin...
Sometimes it's all that I can do
When I think about the president
How did he become the president?
And I stayed awake for a day or two
I thought about the world
Drank gin and watched the news
And there are some things I'll never understand
Why the country needs a God
And a woman needs a man

And you never write me letters
And you never sent my sweaters
So I could stay warm when I was without you
Without you I don't sleep
Just dream...

And I scratch these words into a black notebook
I wrote your name on top I knew you'd never look
I tried my best to fight the atmosphere
To think the happy thoughts
That leave the phone lines clear
I see Arizona stars from here
But Peter Pan is miles away