Monday, June 27, 2011

"True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity."

'X-Men: First Class' was phenomenal. James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender are legends, their on screen chemistry is utterly believable! On the other hand, Lucas Till is always a nice addition. ;)

(Photo courtesy:
 1. First Class
2. Magneto (the best one!)
3. Run (instrumental) by Gnarls Barkley (from the mutant-search scene.)
4. Love Love by Take That (credits song)
If you don't love the soundtrack now, you will after the movie! Anyway...
I bought a book of short stories! :) Will definitely be uploading quotes and anything else interesting!
I'm going to Canada tomorrow, my lovelies, so unfortunately I won't be posting for 3 weeks.
I promise a verbose post when I'm back!
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