Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Hey readers!
I have been wanting to blog for a very long time today, and have finally  got round to it.
Also picked a song to listen to while blogging, 'Older', by Band of Horses!

And after all my plans
They melt into the sand
Yeah you will be there on my mind through all
Don't want to understand why you never get older

Knitted for over an hour today, lovely. Falling more in love with my beautiful and coloured yarn. If I'm correct with the colours, my yarn is a vibrant mix of warm purple, ciel bleu (felt like talking in francais there), sea green (sort of), navy blue, lovely pink (like the blog), blanc, lipstick red, and maroon (I think). Colour coded them somewhat accurately, if that helps (which it will).

I feel inclined to mention that my two favourite sauces are:
1. Heinz Tomato Ketchup,
because I love tomatoes and that's the brand my mom buys.
2. 沙茶醬
because it's just superb (although oily), the chunky bits are near perfection. Can't remember which brand my mother buys from (hehe)!

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Today I was lighting a candle and all of a sudden the lighter ignited bright light and that was a beautiful moment for me. It just lit up, and in the dim corner of room it gleamed like a star.

I absolutely loved it.

The illumination was absolutely lovely; there are so many little beautiful things in life that you can only see when your eyes are peeled away from the internet. Oh, how the digital age has revolutionized.

Speaking of revolutionized Geo class was a tad embarrassed today. Not going to go into details, but what's that word when you're overshadowed by something far more original and captivating than your own boring presentation?

Maybe overshadowed and humiliated fit. Yep, they work well.

Anyhow, on a brighter note, thinking of beautiful things in life got me thinking about this quote on Facebook (and we're back to discussing the digital age) masses of people have liked:

"Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream? Or when we kiss? Because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by the heart."

This got me thinking (as everything else does) about religion (see the first line). And I thought to myself, well,

Everybody wants something to believe in, don't they?

Which is true and perfectly fine. I think it's probably better that way, really.

Then I started thinking about the song War Sweater (by Wakey!Wakey!, as you should know, if you had listened to me and gone and checked them out).

Thinking about War Sweater reminded me that I have to update my mixpod.

If you truly love her, then let her go.

That's what the evil fairy said to Shrek, right? Well, I think she's right, in a way.
Sure, you should keep fighting for that everlasting love (haven't found mine yet but I know it definitely exists), but if your lover loved someone else, wouldn't it be right, in a way, to let her/him go? Debatable, and something I definitely do not understand at this young age! Haha.

I thought of that quote because I watched Sinbad and you know that ending when whatshisname lets whatshername go to Sinbad? My sister was asking why he did that, "oh doesn't her love her, though? Or does he not?" and I just repeated that quote a couple times to her.

That concludes my blogging. Did not and probably will not get to reading TLOTR today, I have to revise for my factorising (Having struggles) math test and practice violin, the usual.

Bye guys! Enjoy the rather verbose (new word gleaned off www.owlcityblog.com a while back, so I guess it's not really a new word for me) blog post!

Lots I've been thinking about today, but I have to stop ranting and blabbering now because I have got work to do and tasks to complete.