Sunday, January 16, 2011

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So, I spent the weekend doing no homework and eye goggling the computer and TV.
I do not regret having my POTC marathon, if that's what you think I'm suggesting, but it would have been nice if I scraped out a lot of my at-the-time happy Facebook, Youtube and Skype time to go do homework which I am fussing over now. I could have also read an extra chapter of TLOTR.
So, in conclusion, I have unfinished tasks and still find the time to come on blogger to fume about my rant.
So there.
I am going to go back to homework now.
Oh great, my brother's packing for school already and I'm being a lazy butt.
Apparently scuttlebutt is a word.
Went to UST today but didn't even end up running properly to train for Sports Day (which I have complained about enough already so won't continue about it here).
What do we learn from this, readers?

A lot of the time, frustration is purely self inflicted.

Like now.