Friday, January 14, 2011

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Blogging because I love to.
Well, my friends, I've downloaded The Ghost that Carried me Away, and burnt it to a disc. I'm so content right now, the songs are perfect. I played it while my siblings were in the middle of a fighting frenzy and now everyone has shut up and owl waltz is playing. I love music, I love music like this that makes everything right. I'm so glad I've found music I truly love.
Going to go practice violin later, then watch POC3! Yippee, this is good. I'll also go read Return of the King.
Sam is my favourite character. I read past book six and realized more than ever, he's the loyal best friend. Because of Sam, Frodo didn't die. It's all thanks to Sam. Frodo may be the ring bearer, and Gandalf the all-powerful, great wizard, but Sam is wonderful. So sweet and brave, I admire Sam the most. I had this epiphany when I read up to that part when stupid Shagrat and whatshisname are having a silly orc fight, they say that "the most dangerous of the two spies is loose."
Look at that.
Sam went from the Sam no one really cares about, constantly tagging behind Frodo, to "the most dangerous of the two spies." Go Sam.
I love this album... favourite one now.
Blogging has made me happy, will blog tomorrow again!