Monday, April 4, 2011

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My brain is cluttered.

I think that when one becomes absorbed in one primary object from many sources at a time (not going to go into details) all the different links that connect to the desired point causes confusion and a sense of continuity on pursuing the object, even though one does not particularly want to (as one wants to rid of the muddle state of mind at once, of course). However, the way out of this is not easily deciphered and in the process of deciphering one's brain is cluttered, which is what is happening to me.

Imagine drawing a brainstorm, you know, which the topic in the center and tonnes of relations shooting out in all different directions.

That's not too bad...

Now imagine drawing a brainstorm with the topic in the center and many complex and diverse relations shooting out in different directions, accompanied by a bibliography. This is also a messy brainstorm.

The emotion it's produced is camping in my head right now.

I think I'll go shower so the water will bring it rushing out of my ears.

Sorry for the lousy writing, I could have done better.