Monday, May 4, 2015

You have it, too

My IB exams began today, so I'm not celebrating Star Wars Day
the way one should (see: this), but I write this post nonetheless
to maintain my annual tradition of wishing anyone reading this
post right now the very best: may the force be with you
always! I am very much looking forward to spending my
summer catching up on Star Wars lore so that I can walk into
the cinema on December 18th with some dignity (and with
tissues ready). The force is a concept that has meant a lot to me ever
since I first watched the movies; yes, I had a 6 year old phase
where I was terrified by Darth Maul (I am sure that I am not
alone in this), but I was always fascinated by the force. Back then,
it was primarily because the force allowed one to summon
tangibles without touching them (ah, those childhood afternoons spent
in bed with a fever, my hands outstretched, fingers twitching,
trying to will the thermometer towards me or saying Accio if all
else failed). But as "an energy field created by all living things" that
"surrounds us and penetrates us," "binds the galaxy together" and
"gives a Jedi his power," is it not, in some ways, also -- hope?
But then again, there is a "dark side," so I will reflect more on this
when exams are over. Stress out, I will not.