Sunday, January 23, 2011

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No reason for wanting to blog right now.
Just kidding, there is always a reason!
I adore writing.
Adam Young said that on his blog, and I second that tremendously.
Tried to load this just now and it didn't work, and I thought to myself:
Which is probably entirely true.
I have about 30 minutes left on the computer.
Going to start working hard!
Second post in one day!
And not so far apart from the previous.
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Was browsing through old posts, trying to find old quotes from the other LOTR books, and realized just how much my writing, and me as a person have changed greatly.
I really grew up, you know.
There was a stage when I used to blog everyday and it would be about things like cheesy quotes, friends, boys, and  teen pop songs.
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Things have really changed since then, haven't they?
There was a time when I made a new blog, like starting over on a clean slate, then there was a time when I ditched my blog entirely.
Of course, I came back, but all my posts were pretty forlorn.
Then, one day (I think around November?), I started over again.
I began to type properly (no more incorrect grammar and things), and write properly. I took my blog seriously, like an ambitious project, and made it into what it was today.
Through writing here, my life changed. I started to see things differently, and I think that somehow, I became a better person, more open-minded, maybe.
That was also around the time I got into indie music, leaving the pop stuff behind, and reading LOTR, which changed my opinions a lot of cheesy quotes.
I still blog about my friends, though, sometimes! (;
But, I mostly blog about myself.
I got a fortune cookie off Facebook and this is what it said:

Our first and last love is self love.

Which is true, and probably what happened to me.
I stopped having crushes, worrying about boys, and focused on so many other things for myself.
I started to read, write, and play the violin more.
I listened to more indie music.
I love this, really.
I like where I am right now, as a person.
It makes life a lot easier.

To sum it all up, I grew up a lot.

Well guys, I don't want to become the wishing time machine, so I probably won't do a post like this again, where I complain and relate to the past!
... just kidding, but not often! (;
Guess what I got rid of?
... that's right, my web hit counter.
For good reasons.
1. I don't want it there as some sort of mark as to my blog success, since that isn't really important.
2. I contribute the most views to the counter, so there's no point, really...
3. It stopped working properly.
Are we good? (;
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My friends, I have work to do!
Before I leave...
Adjective: Having great power or influence.

There's one more word I stumbled upon in TLOTR but I can't remember what it is, but I do recall that I wanted to know what it meant.

Oh, and one more:

Noun: A stingy or ungenerous person.

Not sure if I'll use that one in public, though (if you know what I mean).