Friday, February 8, 2013

“Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person” “The blood of love welled up in my heart with a slow pain. ” “How frail the human heart must be -- a mirrored pool of thought.”

I see my Chinese New Year break going down 3 main routes:
the stalk-james-franco-tumblr path,
the rewatch-the-same-lotr-scenes road
and the work-work-work hike.

(just to kick things off)

Besides, I feel like route (1) is rather imperative because I don't know what James Franco is doing with his life right now apart from directing a Charles Bukowski biopic, planning more porno-esque films, and sitting at home waiting for Spring Breakers to come out (or is that really all he is doing? Because sticking to only 3 things at a time is rare for Mr. Overachiever).

On another note, East of Eden is getting INTENSE and oh goodness, I'm halfway-ish and Adam's sons are growing up and uncomfortably (I actually cringed innerly when this happened), VERY UNCOMFORTABLY, have un un-seeable parallels drawn between them and Cain and Abel...

Names are a great mystery. I’ve never known whether the name is molded by the child or the child changed to fit the name. But you can be sure of this—whenever a human has a nickname it is a proof that the name given him was wrong.

I mean, I haven't even read the Bible but all these correlations are so brilliantly carried through (props to you, Steinbeck) that the whole evil/love/prospects vs reality  theme is shining through on every page.

In my previous post, I briefly (albeit weakly) mentioned the cat motif I kept seeing - IT'S NOT GOING AWAY - I googled 'East of Eden John Steinbeck Cat" for some reassurance that I am not alone in observing this, but O, I am alone (at least until my googling skills improve).

Or perhaps 'Cat' is a sporadic (understatement, though) reminder to readers of Cathy/Kate's existence + danger?

I'm off to read more of it now (and hopefully finish it). I'm reading Great Expectations too and have been neglecting it in terms of blog posts, so hopefully I'll get an opportunity soon to write about it (not for school).