Thursday, May 19, 2011


Feeling a mediocre contentment at the moment.
I'm back in Hong Kong after two weeks in beautiful
Yang Shuo -- it's the greenest place I've settled in so far!

Staying in a place like that, with abundant effusions
of fresh air and thrive of trees and patty fields, is
quite remarkable. It detached us from the municipal
life of hustle and bustle Hong Kong and produced
for us a cultural, rural and healthier way of living for
a good two weeks. Away from computers and the
developed technology we were used to, it was tough
at first but day after day, walk after walk, the lush
verdure and karst mountains of Yang Shuo captured
my heart and before I knew it, my eyes would be
peering out of the windows during every bus ride
and journey.

Yang Shuo is a beautiful place; it was a lovely and
enlightening trip.

Worrying about the usuals now I'm back -- school

I have to settle my reading list.

Worried about my English essay -- priority list
on essays.

I love my music -- Chilling out to Broken Bells
at the moment.

Night, lovelies.