Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a convival Christmas everybody! I remember that last year, I said the same thing, because after reading
TLOTR (decided to use a longer acronym) I learned that convival was another word for merry! So there, that's wonderful. On the left arranged neatly (hopefully they remain neat after I publish the post) are a couple of Christmas graphics I've happily retrieved from the websites you will discover once you click them. Whew, long sentence there.

Well, I did say I'd give an apt description of our Christmas tree! I think it's quite gorgeous, being real and all, you can smell the pine radiating of the branches and thin leaves jutting out. It's not too tall in length, probably only a meter and something. Sadly all our old decorations got thrown out, so we went and bought new ones. Here's the list of baubles and things currently hanging on the tree: 4 red shiny baubles, 4 silver shiny baubles, 4 fake looking glittery snowflakes (sorry for the bubble burst), 2 plump snowmen holding candy canes as staffs and hanging by their plastic black top hats, 2 cute round white bears carrying parcels or something, 1 really pretty golden plated dolphin that sparkles, 1 red and gold star (made out of paper, it's not on the top of the christmas tree, sadly), 1 Rudolph (FINALLY), and lastly 1 wreath with 3 bells on it that don't jingle, on the top of the tree.

Bought my family a Christmas breakfast you know, and none of them are eating it.

Christmas spirits are somewhat drooping... going to call two of my best friends later for merry christmas! One's sleeping, one's... sleeping too probably! Lucky I've got my Jack Johnson with me! :)

Ohkay, that's it for today!

Have a very convival Christmas everybody!

I wish I could write to fill the bottom of the page, so the text is level with the graphics. So, I will continue writing! Going to go read TLOTR later! And eat lunch! Yay, yum.

As you can see I've run out of things to write (NO WAY) so am inserting bunches of blanks everywhere and blabbing and sort of repeating myself... hehe. Having a seafood Sai Kung dinner later! I don't really like seafood but I appreciate it very much.

Have a very convival Christmas everybody (told you I was repeating myself)!