Saturday, April 9, 2011

I just had a scroll through my posts back in '09 and '10... Thank goodness I grew up!
My panorama (new word of the day) of the world has completely changed, and will
probably be even more different as I age.

I want to write a book.
I've said that so many times, I'm hoping that I can take it seriously! I'll start plotting
tomorrow or something.
Something rather odd is happening to me.

Recently I feel that I haven't been myself.
I'm not doing so well on things that I've excelled
at before. I'm not quite sure why. Silly things like
spelling solecisms.
I've also been contemplating cockeyed cognitions
that commonly wouldn't be culled concepts of cerebration.

I love the alliteration I played with above. Love it.
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I also don't mean to be ridiculous but The Fountainhead
is emboldening these emotional engrossments.
Photography Graphics
A positive point is that Noah and the Whale is still
the most amazing band of my week. I've been 
listening to them all day. Can't stand listening to
any music that isn't them, now.
Took a listen to Monsters by Hurricane Bells and 
couldn't really bear it, haha!

I hope that the alliteration I've altered with in this
perceiving post makes sense.