Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diagon Alley

Well, at first, if you'd believe it, I created a second account after my first email failed to show up due to panic, then realized that I had received two emails, each for the separate accounts, causing me to panic AGAIN, because having a SECOND account might mean re-creating an account, MEANING that I would have lost my chance to be one of the 1 million lucky people to get early access! I know this may sound confusing, but it'll make sense if you scanned the privacy policies of Pottermore. Can't be bothered to delve into a deeper explanation, I'm too anxious. Anyway, what I did was delete my second account, so now I only have one! I feel better by a lot, although I can't push away the nagging fear that my initial account might fail all of a sudden. Which is why I keep checking Pottermore every couple minutes to ensure my registration is still intact...
Anyway, I'd offer a couple of screenshots I took of registering but I'm not so sure if that's allowed, from what I gather of the privacy policy (would hate to add another reason to my fear of having my registration demolished).
I also want to launch into a detailed journey of how I managed to solve the clue and what it is, but I'll leave the adventure to you lovelies!
In the meantime, I'll create that Book of Spells I mentioned earlier for celebration!

P.S. It feels good having posted TWO consecutive Harry Potter related posts in a day!
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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Firstly: I'm too excited to post the contents over, so read the first post from the link above, quick! My heart was hammering hard when I read it. Shortly after, I misinterpreted 'register to Pottermore' being the 'submission of email' I performed a month ago, so panicked when I couldn't log in. Still not sure whether or not it's the same thing but I haven't really got a choice. Going to attempt to keep myself busy until the clue is to be released an hour later! Popping with excitement.
Secondly, Happy birthday to:
1. JK Rowling, who wrote the series that changed my life, and
2. Harry Potter, the hero of said series, who also changed my life!
Probably won't launch into my 'How Harry Potter Changed My Life' speech, but you lovelies know I mean it to be true! I'll re-read a couple of my favorite moments from the book to celebrate, and come to think of it, I might make a book of Harry Potter spells that I can add to my shelf... if I go into a frenzy and become very dedicated to this project I might even colour-code the spells according to which books they were
used in, or include fun-facts! There's an example shown below (Credits to for assistance). Well, I've got to go now! Will check back later for Pottermore updates!
1. Expelliarmus (Disarming Charm)
Pronunciation: Eks-pel-ee-ar-məs
Description: This spell disarms another wizard, usually causing their wand to fly out of reach.
Fun Fact: Expelliarmus is considered as Harry's trademark spell.
This is probably my first decent blog post in a while, by the way. Mischief Managed.