Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back from Walking with Dinosaurs! Pictures will be uploaded later.
It was quite impressive honestly, with the dinos being robots and all.
The smaller rapters were 'powered' by humans, thats why they ran
faster, but it still went well! The T-Rex part was EPIC, definitely my
favourite, although I overheard the engineer saying it wasn't his favourite
part. It's so awesome how they control the robots, like manuevering
joysticks, in a sense! Their arm fits into this metal grip, and they can
easily grab the joystick and move it around.
Bumped into old teacher! Oh deja vu! Good seeing her again though,
although only for a second.
Okay, bye for now!
Christmas tree is no longer naked but I don't feel like describing it now,
I will though! (Good to write).