Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogging on the laptop! Something I quite like to do, I've discovered.
I'm here to tell you about our brilliant deal for a gorgeous Christmas tree and genius, ergonomical pot. Well, technically, it's not a pot. Basically you could call it a little tray with a round, jutting center that fits the trunk of the tree and there are screws on four sides of the center that can screw the container tighter, so the tree fits quite snugly. Nice. AND it's made in the USA and free. Wonderful. Excuse me for the mediocre description above! The tree's currently 'naked,' when it's all dressed up I think I'll upload a photo AND an in depth, colorful, beautifully crafted description of it. Christmas isn't complete without a tree!

I supposed it's fit to mention that I lugged it all the way home, from IKEA (in Causeway) to the bus 25 stop, and then stationed it in front of my seat all the way home on the bus ride. Crowded and busy mobs of people finally stepped aside to let me and my gigantic tree pass through.

I was stared at.

But yes, they parted like the great sea split at Moses' command. Just kidding, not that epic.

Now everyone's quite excited about the tree! Mom, especially. :) That's nice.

Just went to help out with finding the ornaments. My foot collided with the bed and after yelping out in pain I am now typing with one hand while pressing the icepack against my skin with the other.

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Reading LOR 3, finally! Thought I'd accomplish it before 2010 ends. The copy I own was once my dad's -- it's still in wonderful condition, though. Apart from the fact that the spine of the book is slightly frayed and bent (and will worsen as I read on) due to the ever constant opening of the book, the pages are cut nicely, and not bent. Looking forward to finishing it! Someday, when I grow old, I'll read all three books again. Yay! :) Don't know if you readers recall, but while I was reading The Two Towers I would occasionally post quotes up? Well, look through my archives, you'll find them. Yep, planning to do that with this book as well!

"The dark world was rushing by and the wind sang loudly in his ears. He could see nothing but the wheeling stars, and away to his right vast shadows against the sky where the mountains of the South marched past."
'Wheeling stars'... lovely words.