Saturday, April 21, 2012


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I've been playing lots of guitar lately and would like to pay homage to the two 22-year old wonderful ladies that  have inspired me most in strumming those six strings. Taylor for her lovely songs that encouraged me to actually go out and buy and self-teach myself the guitar, and Laura for her delicately empowering melodies plucked hauntingly and soulfully. Below are my favourite guitar-songs of theirs, some that I used to play much, and a few that I just love.

                          Laura                                                     Taylor
                Alas I cannot swim                                      Safe and Sound
                   Blackberry Stone                                        White Horse 
     Goodbye England (covered in snow)                    Come in with the rain
                          Sophia                                             Should've said No
                     Hope in the air                                            Our Song
                      Devil's Spoke                                              I'd Lie