Monday, January 21, 2013


My blog neglecting has reached horrific heights, so here's a quick update

- I'm suffering a crisis -

I have several skeletons for potential writing pieces, but they need flesh - I have 5 books (3 languages involved) to finish -

and most vitally, right now is the part of my life where I jab a cork into the pathetic bottle of neediness and transcend to Woman Fierce...

I have borrowed BLOOD MERIDIAN, which turns my Cormac-McCarthy-Reading 5 Year Plan upside down, but I feel like a healthy dose of violence, blood and gore is what I need to be reading right now, and not soppy I've-got-boy-issues Sylvia Plath.

In all respects, Plath is definitely in many aspects Woman Fierce, but I am seeking Umph and I know the terrors of the plains will bring me just that. Maybe I should stop reading poetry for a while, ditch folk, and return to the more drum-slamming/electric guitar/electro side of Indie.

This being said, I have not abandoned Plath, nor The Tallest Man on Earth, nor jumped into Page 1 of Blood Meridian yet just because I want to give myself some time to recover and consider whether or not my current catastrophe is worth an identity revolution.

Alas, there is always chocolate.