Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes I say things I regret,
not so easy to forget.
Photography Graphics
I've got this nice image today because it works well with what I want to talk about today.
Today I want to blog about right and wrong.
This isn't something that can be decisively judged, or passed around, like a law. Laws can be broken, anyway. Right and wrong is based purely on what you think.
What's right and what's wrong for me is what I think, and what's right and what's wrong for you is your judgement. We come to realize what is right and wrong to us when we have to make decisions, or when we do make them. How do we realize this? Our guilty conscience sends us a message.
I've got a pretty strong guilty conscience; it's massive. Leave a message in the chat box telling me about your guilty conscience, haha!
Not going to go into details about this incident but sometimes we want something bad but the way we retrieve it isn't a proper achievement. I don't know about you, but instead of feeling a sense of achievement I instead feel a crushing sense in my stomach and it doesn't go away that quickly.
It is what it is when things happen, and sometimes you have to live with it and you'll be proud of your outcome.
So yep... that's what I wanted to say. It's something I really regret and I am never going to do it again. Not proud, and the lesson had better be learnt.
Don't like feeling this way.
ON A WAY MORE POSITIVE NOTE, mixpod has been uploaded and the songs (to me) are gorgeous. They're all either folk, indie rock, approved pop (haha), or 王力宏. Below is what my mixpod is right now!

Tracks (19)
  1. Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why
  2. Arms by seabear
  3. Tighten Up - The Black Keys Full Track
  4. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
  5. Seabear - Owl Waltz
  6. Wakey!Wakey! - Take It Like A Man
  7. Dance so Good
  8. Wakey! Wakey! - Square Peg Round Hole
  9. Take That - The Flood [Lyrics]
  10. Take That - SOS Full Song New Single Take That SOS - Progress Album Take That
  11. Take That - Pretty Things New Single Take That Full Version Pretty Things
  12. Without You by Brighten
  13. Fade by The Narrative
  14. 王力宏-08.需要人陪KTV(十八般武艺专辑全碟试听)Romanization
  15. Mumford and Sons - Liar
  16. Mumford And Sons - Awake My Soul
  17. Jack Johnson - Only the Ocean
  18. Nevertheless- Rest
  19. 1. World War III - Jonas Brothers - Lines Vines and Trying Times - HQ Full Studio Recording