Friday, August 5, 2011

The fire grows higher

Sour resignation is less touching than impatience for what will not be, than the eagerness that has to wane and wither. -- A.V. Laider by Max Beerbohm

Why don't you come on over, Valerie?

I'm taking a little break here. I've switched from the alt-rock I was
listening to earlier to this indie folk -- not that I didn't enjoy what I was
listening to earlier, but because I'm yearning  for something more mellow.
This is one of the songs I tried to put on my mixpod, but wouldn't play.
It's lovely...

Another song I'd like to share:

Being the Gleek I am, I naturally got quite jumpy when I saw this -- Naya Rivera's amazing.
Her voice contrasts from Lea's or Amber's but it has it's own unique quality as well!

You Are A Tourist

When there's a burning in your heart
An endless yearning in your heart
Build it bigger than the sun
Let it grow, let it grow
When there's a burning in your heart
Don't be alarmed