Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quotes from Jane Austen's Memoir

True taste is not fastidious, nor rejects,
Because they may not come within the rule
Of composition pure and picturesque,
Unnumbered simple scenes which fill the leaves
Of Nature's sketch book.
Nor does life's stream for observation stay;
It hurries all too fast to mark their way.
To gallop all the country over,
The last night's partner to behold,
And humbly hope she caught no cold.
Through the rough paths of life, with a patten your guard,
May you safely and pleasantly jog;
May the knot never slip, nor the ring press too hard,
Nor the foot find the Patten a clog.
This little bag, I hope, will prove
To be not vainly made;
For should you thread and needles want,
It will afford you aid.

And, as we are about to part,
'T will serve another end:
For, when you look upon this bag,
You'll recollect your friend.
Silent when glad, affectionate tho' shy,
And in his looks was most demurely sad;
And now lie laughed aloud, yet none knew why.

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