Friday, December 10, 2010

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Just came back from Cyberport, which is where I went to pick up my little sister from Narnia.
So, just before leaving the house I had drank 2 mugs of water, and another mug of ginger tea.
Thus, due to my fully hydrated lungs the liquid slowly started flowing down my intestines and
stomach area until it reached my bladder and I think that we were somewhere stuck in Happy
Valley traffic when I suddenly had to go. Yep. I also happened to me carsick and nauseous from
knitting in a moving vehicle so felt like puking as well.

When we arrived I speed-walked to the ladies' room only to find it crammed with mommies and
babies and the bitty margin of territory named 'the toilet' suddenly appears more suitable named
'the baby zoo'. Remember I was very urgent.

At this point two little boys wearing Thomas the Tank Engine shirts hobbled out of the furthest
stall and started tugging on the rope hanging on the baby bed thing installed in most loos.

I was not amused.

Anyway, good news is HARRY POTTER ON THURSDAY!
Unbelievably hyped. Best books ever.

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