Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Brandybuck Christmas, all! I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas a.m.'s watching The Two Towers, during which je m'ai posé une question: Why did I always maintain that The Two Towers was my least favourite LoTR film? With the Battle at Helm's Deep, gathering of the Ents, soundtrack and epic montages (best montage has to be the one with Denethor eating+Pippin singing+battle, though), etc. The Two Towers is 3-hours of action/cinematographic success goodness. But then all three were nommed for Best Picture. 

Still, there's no way 'Gollum's Song' beats Into the West or May it Be. 

Anyhow, back to le sujet at hand - Christmas - Ah, that day of the year on which talking (rather throwing one-liner 'happy holidays') to random passer bys on the street is socially acceptable for the average introvert. December 25th is the much-commercialized, toy store-occupied conclusion to a month of candy canes and gift wrapping; it marks the penultimate burst of family/friend coalescing before the advent of the new year...

For some, Christmas is a morning spent at mass. For others, it is one spent hungover. 
Although not religious, I fell into the former this year.

All in all, have a convivial christmas!

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