Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook (belated post #1)

Silver Linings Playbook was undoubtedly the brightest and sparkiest Best-Picture-nominated movie of 2012. It possesses neither the bloody elements prevalent in Django Unchained nor the oppressive silence effused by Amour.

Instead, David O. Russell presents to us, along with a STELLAR cast (without which the film's spirit would have been attainable), the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper), who has just been released from a mental hospital and remains helplessly infatuated with his wife, and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who is still grieving over the death of her husband. Both form a heartwarming (and hilarious) love/hate/mutual-recuperation companionship that becomes increasingly lovely to witness over the course of a dance competition that Tiffany badgers Pat into doing with her (as compensation for this massive favor she does Pat [I've decided to not make this a spoiler-inclusive summary, so won't go into details]). Pat, despite his bipolar illness, is charming and lovable, and Tiffany, despite her temper and pessimism, is brilliantly funny and clever.

It is without a doubt the watch-and-be-happy movie of the year, for it gives us [SPOOOOILER] a rare and real happy ending that most Oscar-nominated films seem to neglect these days.

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