Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello, everyone.
I'm blogging today to post up the many quotes I read upon and found wonderful in 'A Wrinkle in Time,' by Madeleine L'engle.
There's just one problem...
I cannot find the piece of paper on which I scribbled the page numbers upon.
I have an entire stack of papers (a birthday gift from a friend two years ago) on which I like to scribble thoughts, notes, and to-do lists every now and then. They're quite pretty, really. To quickly give a description of one sheet of paper from this stack, it has a white space for me to write on, a bold pink striped frame surrounding it filling up most of the upper quartile of the sheet, and let's not forget the green palm tree sprouting out from the top of the white space.
I leave a lot of these sheets with my scribbles around the house, and today I have realized this fully. I walked around trying to find my piece of paper and instead discovered many of the sheets of papers, but not the one with the book pages written upon. I'd pick up one of these sheets and think, eureka, this is it, just to realize that it actually isn't.
Soon I shall resume my search and go downstairs to the car park to see if I had left it in the car, which, knowing me, I actually might have.
Will blog again soon!

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